Aysa Nutrition Philosophy

Aysa Nutrition is an intersectional nutrition practice that integrates world-class nutrition for digestive care with eco-conscious lifestyle practices, anti-racist philosophies, and health-at-every-size methodologies.

Everything I offer is predicated on three core values:




Core Values



We are an identity-affirming and weight-inclusive nutrition practice that fosters a safe and welcoming environment for all, particularly communities of color and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Program participants are encouraged and required to embody the spirit of radical inclusivity and respect while engaged in our programs.



We are a carbon-neutral and plant-focused nutrition practice that embraces every available opportunity to minimize negative effects and potentiate positive effects on the environment. We offer an entirely paperless, virtual service delivery platform and make every attempt to conduct business without travel. Education on food waste reduction, root to shoot cooking, and climate-neutral nutrition practices are embedded into our programs.



We are an evidence-driven nutrition practice that applies the best available research to inform our nutrition programs, alongside the inherent wisdom and truth of each program participant’s lived experience with their medical condition(s). We make every attempt to utilize internal policies and procedures to ensure that our educational materials are reviewed, updated, and reflective of the current literature.

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