Plant-Based Methods for Optimal Gut Health

Join the Plant-Based Gut Master Method, a proven science-backed framework to help you finally gain the clarity, control, and confidence you need to conquer your digestive woes.

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Are your digestive symptoms running the show?

What if I told you that your chronic digestive symptoms do not have to control your
life anymore?

You have too much going on in your life to feel overwhelmed and confused by your constant bloat, mealtime anxiety, and unpredictable bowel habits. With my validated, step-by-step program you will finally beat the bloat, feel confident in your body, and enjoy the freedom to live your life to the fullest without your symptoms getting in the way.    

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 Imagine gaining the clarity, knowledge, and skills to get in control of your symptoms, enjoy food again, and live life on your terms. It's possible with the Plant-Based Gut Master Method! 

learn how to:

Create a validated, personalized GI toolkit 

Gain crystal clear knowledge on your specific trigger foods

Construct a healing relationship with your body and diet

as seen on:

Quick question:

Do your chronic digestive issues and food sensitivities make you feel:


afraid to eat anything outside of your "5 safe foods"


constantly worried about having unpredictable bloat and bowel habits


unable to focus on the things you want in life because you are constantly battling your GI Issues

You're not alone!

You deserve to live life on your own terms without the overwhelming GI symptoms dictating otherwise. The truth? It's entirely within your power to do so with a bit of trustworthy guidance, support, and the Plant-Based Gut Master Method.

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Meet your Dietitian

Hi There!

I'm Ayten,
your Nutritionist 

I’m a GI-specialized and Monash Certified FODMAP Dietitian, here to teach you my 3-step framework to gain clarity, control, and confidence over your gut symptoms and food intolerance.

The best part? We’ll use plant-rich nutrition and your favorite foods to get you there, so you can enjoy all the benefits without sacrificing an ounce on flavor.

Girl, you are too busy and fabulous to be constantly stressing about your unpredictable bloat and bowel habits. Time to kiss your digestive woes goodbye and get back to living your life.

If you’ve been searching for a trustworthy, trained, and non-judgmental partner to eliminate the guesswork from your digestive wellness journey, you’ve come to the right place.


 I haven’t had digestive issues since I started with Ayten – literally at all.
This program has helped me do a complete 180 with so many things.

I could not recommend this program or Ayten more.

Samara, Aysa Nutrition Client

Join the Plant-Based Gut Master Method

The Plant-Based Gut Master Method is available in 3 forms

virtual nutrition counseling practice

VIP 1:1 Nutrition Counseling

This includes:

 ✓ 4 Months Program
 ✓ 8 Sessions Total
 ✓ A Personalized Protocol

✓ Weekly Food Journal Reviews
✓ Weekday Live Chat Feature 
✓ A Personalized Recipe Book

and much more!

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Community support

Group Coaching

This Includes:

 ✓ 3 Months Program
 ✓ 6 Group Coaching Sessions
 ✓ 2 Individual Coaching Sessions
 ✓ Program-Approved Recipe Book

 ✓ FB Community for Fellow Group Members
 ✓ Bi-Weekly Food Journal Reviews
 ✓ Weekly Worksheets + Learning Modules 
 ✓ Lifetime Access to 50+ Tools & Resources

plus more!

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Self-Paced Online Course

Join the Waitlist

All the benefits of the Plant-Based Gut Master Method at your own pace! Sign up to join the waitlist for the Self-Paced Online Course and be the first to know when it opens up.

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"I can’t recommend this program enough"

I have struggled with body image issues and a negative relationship with food my entire life, I couldn’t imagine any other reality. Through partnership, hard work, encouragement, and coaching, Ayten completely empowered me to unlock the tools and resources to take control of my life and create a positive relationship with food. 

Before working with Ayten, I felt lost and completely discouraged. Once I completed the program, my outlook completely shifted. It takes work, commitment, dedication, and every moment (even the challenging times) were great because Ayten was cheering me on the entire time.

Elizabeth, Client

"It was invaluable to both see results
and know that my gut health is fully within my control."

 Within the first several days of Ayten’s program, my gas and bloating symptoms essentially disappeared Ayten went above and beyond in providing a hyper-personalized protocol that, even during the initial elimination phase, allowed for enough flexibility that I was both able to accommodate the program and enjoy what I was eating. I learned that there are very few foods, if any at all, that I must eliminate from my diet!  Ayten wants to help heal your gut, but she’s also in it for the long haul and aims to create a plan that can be sustained long term. 

Caroline, CLIENT

"Ayten was able to meet me exactly where I was at."

Throughout the process of adding in new foods, Ayten was understanding of how much anxiety new foods caused me while still being able to help get me out of my comfort zone and guiding me to set realistic goals that worked for where I was at in that moment. The best part of working with Ayten is how she framed everything in a positive way- this significantly helped reduce the food shame... Overall, Ayten helped me learn new approaches to trying "unsafe" foods that allow me to go at a pace that feels right for me! I would recommend Ayten to anyone looking for help with picky eating or any nutritional issues - she has majorly changed my approach to my pickiness in the most wonderful way!

Brittany, CLIENT

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